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In Ventum's operational methodology, three areas of concern differ from the others. In addition, we think they go head to head, but always consider them in the following order: 



  1. PEOPLE: always come first, which means that no matter what happens we value our people and relationships with each other as the highest priority.

  2. SAFETY: which is of great importance to us at Ventum. The safe implementation of our projects means respecting our people and clients and creating a safe work environment to ensure that each of us returns home safely every day. 

  3. QUALITY: last but not least. Quality is our trademark and no matter how complex and demanding a project may be, we always plan and implement it with the highest quality standards in the industry. For this purpose, we use properly trained and competent personnel equipped with appropriate tools, materials and PPE. 


At Ventum, we make every effort to provide turnkey solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. We are proud to implement the most complex and demanding projects on the market. And we can proudly say that we deliver them to the highest safety and quality standards in the industry. These words are best described by our current LTI record of 0. 

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The wind industry is the future of the Earth's sustainable energy development. This statement makes Ventum responsible for making every effort to help it grow. Moreover, both onshore and offshore winds and their environments are difficult and demanding. With this in mind, Ventum is always looking for new and improved ways to do work. This includes keeping track of new technologies and solutions emerging on the wind industry horizon. 

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